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Joints form the crucial connections between our bones, supporting our movements and promoting physical well-being. When joint abnormalities occur, they can significantly impact our daily lives. Diagnosing these issues is the first step toward finding effective solutions. 

This article sheds light on how arthrograms identify joint abnormalities, offering a path to efficient, affordable recovery centered on patient care.

The Power of Arthrograms

Arthrograms are a potent tool in the medical field, enabling physicians to scrutinize the inner workings of joints meticulously. The procedure begins with injecting a contrast dye into the joint and is then followed by MRI or CT scans. The contrast dye allows doctors to see the joint in more detail than they would be able to with regular X-rays or MRI scans. Arthrograms are known for their convenience and speed, with most procedures wrapping up within an hour. With such efficiency coupled with their detailed results, arthrograms are a leading choice for joint examination.

Identifying Joint Abnormalities with Arthrograms

With their unique ability to expose the internal intricacies of your joints, arthrograms are a powerful aid in pinpointing the sources of discomfort or restricted movement. These could range from ligament or tendon tears, cartilage damage, loose bodies within the joint, or even early signs of arthritis. The injection of the contrast dye during the procedure enhances the visibility of these conditions, allowing for a more precise and swift diagnosis. This efficient approach expedites the identification of joint abnormalities and paves the way for timely intervention.

Understanding Arthrogram Results

After completing your arthrogram, our expert Radiologists will examine the images meticulously. At MH Imaging, our imaging experts take great care in analyzing your results and getting them back to you quickly, alleviating any anxiety you have in waiting over your health. Our analysis doesn’t only rest on the images obtained. We also take into account your reported symptoms and prior medical records.

Arthrograms vs Other Imaging Tests

While multiple imaging tests like MRI and CT scans exist in the medical field, arthrograms distinguish themselves with certain unique benefits. This method provides a comprehensive visualization of the interior structure of joints, enhancing the detection of certain abnormalities. Arthrograms are particularly valuable when assessing complex joints, such as the shoulder or wrist, where traditional imaging tests may not offer the same level of detail. In addition, the quick scheduling and short appointment time associated with arthrograms add to their appeal, prioritizing patient convenience and comfort. 

Your joint health is integral to overall well-being and life quality. Thanks to modern medicine, arthrograms have revolutionized the understanding and management of joint abnormalities. We prioritize your safety and comfort, so call MH Imaging today to schedule your arthrogram if you suspect an abnormality in any of your joints.

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