Reasons to Choose MH Imaging

Your medical imaging service experience will vary based on several factors including where you get it done, the medical staff performing the exam, how much it costs and more. MH Imaging is a professional and patient sensitive facility that can take care of all your medical imaging needs because:

We cost less than a hospital.

MH Imaging offers pricing that is 50-75% less than the average prices of hospital fees. We save patients money on uninsured services, post-imaging treatments and out of pocket costs. We also offer discounted rates for self-pay individuals. And whether or not patients carry insurance, we offer interest free financing options to make our care as affordable as possible.

You know what you’re paying for.

MH Imaging accepts all insurance programs, including Title 19 and Medicare/Medicaid, and we perform a “No Surprise Cost” insurance check. That means we’ll find out exactly how much you will be paying by determining your coverage, deductible and out of pocket costs before your scheduled appointment with us.

We offer a variety of services.

MH Imaging offers same day scheduling to avoid delays in your healthcare. From CT scans and ultrasounds to MRIs and x-rays, we offer several medical imaging services performed by highly trained and board certified technologists on modern, safe and efficient machines to meet your needs and comfort. We also provide quick turnaround time for reports and results so you don’t have to lose sleep over your health.

We have three convenient locations.

MH Imaging has medical imaging facilities located in Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine. We provide free, handicap accessible parking and also offer free transportation services. We also try our best to meet any special requests our patients may have.

With exceptional diagnostic imaging services available, MH Imaging is dedicated to providing quality care to patients. Contact MH Imaging to schedule an affordable wellness screening in Kenosha, Racine or Milwaukee.

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