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Various technological innovations have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Medical equipment and devices play a key role in the modern hospital experience and have forever changed the way doctors examine health problems or perform surgery. One example of the ground-breaking technologies used in medicine is the ultrasound. Racine medical providers use this versatile imaging technique to examine a variety of conditions.

If you need to undergo an ultrasound in Racine, get in touch with MH Imaging. We provide a wide range of medical imaging services, including ultrasound in Racine. Our team of healthcare providers is committed to your safety and comfort. When you come to us for an ultrasound in Racine, we’ll prioritize your well-being during the procedure and ensure accurate testing results.

What Is an Ultrasound in Racine?

An ultrasound scan makes an image of a person’s internal body structures using high-frequency sound waves. Doctors commonly use ultrasound in Racine to examine a person’s abdominal organs, pelvic organs, muscles, tendons, heart, blood vessels, or even a developing fetus. An ultrasound in Racine is also used during invasive procedures like biopsies and arthrograms.

How Does an Ultrasound in Racine Work?

An ultrasound in Racine works by directing sound waves at the internal structures being examined. Then, the reflected sounds are recorded to create an image that can be viewed through a monitor. Depending on the type of examination, an ultrasound in Racine can take approximately 45 minutes.

Most of the time, an ultrasound in Racine is noninvasive. However, some examinations require a special probe that can be inserted in a person’s vagina, rectum, or esophagus. Since an ultrasound in Racine does not use radiation, it is perfectly safe for patients. You can read more about ultrasounds here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/245491.php

When Is an Ultrasound in Racine Used?

Ultrasound scans can be used for a wide range of procedures. Here are some of them:

  • An Ultrasound in Racine Is Used for Abdominal Scans

If you tell your doctor that you feel abdominal pain, he or she may ask you to undergo an ultrasound in Racine. Doctors can use ultrasounds to investigate problems with vomiting, nausea, or abnormal lumps. Also, an ultrasound in Racine can be used to check whether you have problems with your gallbladder, bile ducts, liver, spleen, large blood vessels, and pancreas.

  • An Ultrasound in Racine Is Used for Pelvic Scans

When a woman is suffering from pelvic pain or abnormal periods, an ultrasound in Racine can be used to investigate the problem. All conditions associated with the female reproductive system, such as fibroids and cysts, can be examined through an ultrasound in Racine.

  • An Ultrasound in Racine Is Used for Pregnancy Scans

Pregnancy scans are among the most common uses of ultrasound technology. In fact, most people associate ultrasounds with pregnancy. Through an ultrasound, Racine women who are pregnant can have an idea about the growth and development of their baby.

Doctors also perform an ultrasound in Racine to check for fetal abnormalities like spina bifida. With the help of this state-of-the-art imaging technology, pregnant women can start learning about their future babies’ health needs.

  • An Ultrasound in Racine Is Used for a Variety of Other Purposes

Aside from being used for pregnancy, abdominal, and pelvic scans, an ultrasound in Racine can also be performed to investigate abnormalities in the muscles, breasts, and eyes. There is also a special type of ultrasound in Racine, called a Doppler ultrasound, that detects the speed and direction of blood flow in certain parts of the body.

Get an Ultrasound in Racine Through MH Imaging

Whether you need to undergo an ultrasound to see the growth of the baby you’re carrying or find out why you feel abdominal pain, MH Imaging is here for you. Count on our team to provide safe and accurate medical imaging services. For your convenience, we offer same-day and next-day scheduling.

Are you interested in learning more about how we perform ultrasounds? Reach out to us, and learn more about our ultrasound testing process!

Know Your Inner Health With Help From MH Imaging

Medical imaging services such as X-rays and ultrasounds are vital in healthcare. They allow doctors to look inside their patients’ bodies without the need for surgery. These services are crucial for diagnosing ailments early as well as monitoring chronic illnesses.

However, medical imaging can be costly, particularly at hospitals. For affordable and accurate imaging services, turn to us instead. At MH Imaging, we offer rates that are up to 75% less than the average rates for imaging services at hospitals.

We also provide interest-free financing to make imaging services accessible to more patients. This option is available whether you carry insurance or not.

Our Technology

Your safety and comfort is our priority. To ensure that you have a pleasant experience at our facility, we use machines that are designed for your comfort and safety.

1.2T Open MRI

Being in the confined space of a traditional MRI scanner makes many patients feel anxious. Our open MRI machines are ideal for claustrophobic individuals because they don’t require patients to enter a narrow tube.

These machines meet safety, performance, and efficiency standards. They can also accommodate patients of all ages, from kids to the elderly.

Low-Dose CT Scanner

A CT scan is used to diagnose a variety of conditions and monitor chronic illnesses. However, it exposes you to a very large amount of radiation, which may cause harmful side effects.

In contrast, our low-dose CT machines emit a smaller amount of radiation compared to older scanners. They help minimize the health risks associated with CT scans without compromising the accuracy of results. 

Short-Bore MRI Scanner

Similar to open MRI scanners, short-bore MRI scanners are ideal for patients who are uncomfortable in enclosed spaces. The short bore length allows more of the body to be outside of the machine, helping to make patients feel less anxious.

Cover Costs With Your Insurance Plan

Our company accepts all insurance programs, including Medicaid (also called Title 19) and Medicare. We also perform a “no surprises” insurance check and pre-authorization. This lets you find out your coverage, deductible, and out-of-pocket costs before your appointment with us.

Get Your Medical Imaging Results Fast

We understand how nerve-racking it is to wait for the results of a test. At MH Imaging, you don’t have to lose sleep over your health. Typically, we will have your diagnostic results available within 4 hours after your appointment.

This not only provides you with peace of mind but also lets your doctor receive the report quickly. He or she can plan for the appropriate treatment for your condition as soon as possible.

Meet Our Medical Director

Malcolm Hatfield, MD, FACR is our on-site radiologist as well as our medical director. He is a highly respected doctor with decades of experience in the healthcare industry

Dr. Hatfield graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where he received his degree with distinction. During his residency and fellowship at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, he worked as a diagnostic radiology resident and singular chief resident.

He also served in the following:

  • All Saints St. Mary’s Hospital (As Staff Radiologist and Medical Director)
  • School of Radiologic Technology (Located in Racine)
  • Luke’s Aurora Hospital in Milwaukee
  • University of Chicago (As Assistant Professor in Neuroradiology)
  • University of Michigan Medical Center (in the Neuroradiology Department)

Recently, Dr. Hatfield was inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Radiology (ACR) in 2013. This is one of the highest honors the ACR can bestow on a radiologist.

A Few of His Other Credentials and Accomplishments

  • Has Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Neuroradiology
  • Has Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  • Presented in National Meetings
  • Published Works in Peer-Reviewed Medical Literature
  • Triple Board Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners

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